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Program Design

We implement our customized nutrition and exercise program on your smart phone through the Trainerize and Cronometer apps. The Trainerize app allows your coach to design a specific workout template for you creating fitness target goals, with custom fitness videos, client check-in's, and a specific Monday-Sunday schedule outlining exactly what your workouts or activity will be for any given day. It's the perfect program for clients who are looking for accountability and direction with their training plan, and gives us the ability to closely monitor your program on a daily basis. Trainerize is also a good platform to make social connections with other clients. See video below for more information. For the nutrition component of the plan, we use the app Cronometer which helps clients achieve their target goals for calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates and all of the key vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Over time we examine diet trends and track nutrient intake levels to prevent deficiencies which can lead to chronic disease. See video below for more information. 

Trainerize and Cronometer Intro Videos

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