Image by Victor Freitas


Frequently Asked Questions

What programs do you use?

For digital drawing I use Clip Studio Paint I also use Xsplit for streaming and HitFilm for editing (or speeding up) the streams HitFilm is very good and free to use. Same with Xsplit I am also dabbling in some animation lately so that is a free software called Pencil2D

Do you use pencil and paints?

Yes! But mostly I make digital drawings and paintings. But I normally use a random mechanical pencil and some brush pens. I experiment with color pencils and paints sometimes. It's a learning process

When and where do you stream?

I usually stream Thursdays from 9pm (21) CET I stream on

Where can I find you?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all under the name MimmiMeArt. That's where I am most active. You can also find links on my About page to all my social media!

Do you do requests?

Sometimes during my streams if I feel like it then. Most likely with a theme or something. Otherwise I have commissions if you are interested!

How do I commission you?

Simple! Just send me an email with what you want, put in some information about potential characters and their personalities, some reference pictures and your paypal email. I will contact you, we will finalize everything between us!

What payment methods do you accept?

Only Paypal for now. I will send you an invoice

Do you do tutorials?

Oh, wow! I don't think I am skilled enough for tutorials, but I will happily do my best to help with tips and tricks I have come up with over the years! Just give me a shout on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or send me an email at