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  • “How does the program work?”
    Workouts are delivered through a combination of the software programs Trainerize and Cronometer, as well as Facetime/Skype workouts. Click below for more: Trainerize: Click Here to see how Trainerize works Cronometer: Click Here to see how Cronometer works
  • What are the benefits of Patriot Fitness Academy online vs. going to the gym?
    1. You do not need to drive to and from the gym, which saves time, and cuts down on travel. ​ 2. Scheduling is a non-issue. Workouts are completed at the time of your choosing. There is no need to coordinate your schedule with someone else's. ​ 3. Online training is most cost effective. Unlike with our in-person clients who pay $750 for 10 in-studio sessions, there is no overhead for to cover, so it lowers the price significantly. See "Plans" section for details. ​ 4. You do not need to live in Orange County, California to work with us. I have 11+ years of experience, multiple certications, and an extensive college education to provide you with the best plan specific to you. ​ 5. We've made the entire experience and process easy for you to utilize in the palm of your hand on your smart phone.
  • I am interested in enrolling in the Patriot Fitness Academy, what are the next steps?"
    Step 1 : New Client Questionnaire Step 2: Virtual Consultation Step 3: Pre-Participation Paperwork Step 4: Fitness Assessment Step 5: Program Design Step 6: Start Program
  • “How do I check in with you?”
    Check-ins will be determined based on your individual plan. Some clients opt to talk over the phone once or twice a week, or during their optional virtual workouts. Other clients prefer email or text. All clients will fill out a weekly survey that will be sent to their coach for individual feedback. Weekly survey can be viewed here: CLICK HERE
  • “How do payments work?”
    All payments are pre-paid after you decide which plan fits you best. It is important to give the process time to work, therefore all plans require and are designed around a 3-month commitment. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Venmo are all acceptable payment methods and you will be provided with a receipt upon purchase. To view packages click here :
  • “What if I don’t know how to perform an exercise included in the workout?”
    It’s is highly recommend that you do an initial fitness assessment with me to check exercise form and appropriate volume of exercise. There are video demonstrations on the Trainerize app for you to view when working out at home without me present. If you are still uncomfortable or feel the exercise form is off, it's advisable to schedule a virtual workout with me so we can make the necessary corrections.
  • “Do I need to be a member of a gym?”
    No. You do not need to be a member of any gym. Workouts can be done in the convenience of your home with little or no equipment. However, having equipment or a gym membership opens up our options for training exercises for you to perform that can help you with your fitness goals.
  • “Do I need to purchase any equipment?”
    No equipment is required, however clients looking to purchase equipment are always advised to buy an adjustable set of dumbbells, a bench, a mat and sometimes a TRX, but if you do not have the space or budget, we can design your plan with no equipment.
  • “Do I need to download any software?”
    Technically, you do not need to download any apps or software, however the organization, content and delivery of the program is more efficient with the apps Trainerize, Cronometer or Myfitnesspal
  • “How strict does my diet need to be?”
    This can be answered on an individual level. We strive for nutrient-dense organic food most of the time, limiting processed carbohydrates, sugars and industrialized oils. I like to follow the 90/10 rule for most clients, meaning 90% of the time we are eating healthy, and leaving 10% for treats, holidays, parties and gatherings.
  • “Can I still drink alcohol on your program?”
    To summarize a long answer – Yes. We will discuss more.
  • “How do I track my food intake?”
    There is a learning curve for any app or new software. Most people track on their smart phone on Cronometer or Myfitnesspal, however some people log their entries in their notes section on a phone, or take pictures of their paper notebook/journal and send to us. Some clients are here just for the training and do not do the nutrition component of the program, and that is fine as well.
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